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As You Go is a not-for-profit ministry that is dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism and discipleship. The purpose of this organization is to see people turn to Jesus, be transformed by the knowledge of who He is and walk in lifelong relationships and intimacy with Him through the preaching of the gospel and the revelation of the kingdom of God.

Eric & Tawnya Weaver

Both Eric and Tawnya along with their 3 Children, Lincoln, Haley and Ahava have worked with Iris Global since 2014.  Serving as base directors for their central Missions base located in Dondo Mozambique.  Through our partnership with Iris Global, we are responsible for overseeing over 200 churches throughout central Mozambique, teaching and training local pastors and leaders.  Our vision is to guide the churches under our care to self-support, self-govern and self-extend, by supporting and not dominating, going low, and humbling ourselves to empower natives to step forward, stand in the Lord, and fully embrace the fact that they can move in oneness with the Holy Spirit, to support their work financially and spiritually, depending on the Holy Spirit to show them who to appoint as leaders, confidently solve conflict within their church body and take charge of the spread of the Gospel in their nation, multiplying disciples, serving their communities and planting churches. 

Tawnya is an Ordained Minister of Iris Global. 

For more information about that we do with Iris Global please visit www.irisglobal.org/dondo.

In 2021 Eric became an Ordained Minister through Christ for all Nations (CfaN).  In Partnering with CfaN our vision is to bring crusade evangelism and discipleship to Mozambique and will also continue to partner with CfaN in other nations as the Lord leads.  

We are excited to be a part of CfaN’s vision for a “Decade of Double Harvest.” https://new.cfan.org/doubleharvestdecade 


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Our Vision

Our Vision is to see those that have no knowledge of God repent and be transformed from death to life. To see people’s eternal destination, shift from destruction to heaven. We want to see lives restored, the sick healed and the tormented set free.  Through our actions we want each person to discover that the Kingdom of Heaven and all that it holds is something that can be grasped and through it we are victorious.