Beyond Imagination

Evangelism and Discipleship!!  This is our purpose, our calling, and our passion!  We are alive to see precious souls meet their Savior and then come to maturity to love Him fully!  There is nothing in this world more valuable than the soul of a person.  They are worth fighting for, worth living for, and worth laying your life down for.  We are fighting for the eternal lives of God’s creation.  We will not stop!

Evangelism is the front door and discipleship is the rest of the house.  But it is all the same house.  For us, evangelism and discipleship are not separate ministries.  Jesus said in Matthew 28 to go into all the world and make disciples; not just converts.  Our hearts have been arrested to boldly evangelize to the full extent of our means and to disciple as widely and deeply as possible.

Today is the day!!!!  I have been working toward this day for a long time.  It is finally done.  I have finished writing the 52 week discipleship book!  I am so excited!  This project means so much to me.  After over 9 years or discipling pastors, leaders, and churches in Mozambique, my heart still breaks at the spiritual condition of many, and the everyday battle they face.  With challenges because of lack of education availability, resources, Bibles, teachers, and sound leaders, there remains a dangerous amount of ignorance, false teaching, sin, bad traditions, and weak leadership.  But now, we have another powerful tool to help bring life, correction, knowledge, and intimacy with Jesus.

            Tawnya is in process to format and ready the book for printing.  In just a few weeks we will be shipping them to all 300 churches under our care.  They are the perfect tool to fortify all current church member, to use as a new believer’s study, and be used to establish new church plants. 

These teaching will reach many thousands that have never had access to simple study materials.

  We are also going to make this book downloadable on our website, in English and Portuguese, as a resource for others that would find it useful.

God Bless you in all the ways you spread the message of the gospel where you are and abroad!!