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Beyond Imagination

Evangelism and Discipleship!!  This is our purpose, our calling, and our passion!  We are alive to see precious souls meet their Savior and then come to maturity to love Him fully!  There is nothing in this world more valuable than the soul of a person.  They are worth fighting for, worth living for, and worth laying your life down for.  We are fighting for the eternal lives of God’s creation.  We will not stop!

Evangelism is the front door and discipleship is the rest of the house.  But it is all the same house.  For us, evangelism and discipleship are not separate ministries.  Jesus said in Matthew 28 to go into all the world and make disciples; not just converts.  Our hearts have been arrested to boldly evangelize to the full extent of our means and to disciple as widely and deeply as possible.

Today is the day!!!!  I have been working toward this day for a long time.  It is finally done.  I have finished writing the 52 week discipleship book!  I am so excited!  This project means so much to me.  After over 9 years or discipling pastors, leaders, and churches in Mozambique, my heart still breaks at the spiritual condition of many, and the everyday battle they face.  With challenges because of lack of education availability, resources, Bibles, teachers, and sound leaders, there remains a dangerous amount of ignorance, false teaching, sin, bad traditions, and weak leadership.  But now, we have another powerful tool to help bring life, correction, knowledge, and intimacy with Jesus.

            Tawnya is in process to format and ready the book for printing.  In just a few weeks we will be shipping them to all 300 churches under our care.  They are the perfect tool to fortify all current church member, to use as a new believer’s study, and be used to establish new church plants. 

These teaching will reach many thousands that have never had access to simple study materials.

  We are also going to make this book downloadable on our website, in English and Portuguese, as a resource for others that would find it useful.

God Bless you in all the ways you spread the message of the gospel where you are and abroad!!


More Evangelists are trained in Mozambique!

The harvest is plentiful, and the workers are rising up!

I’ve just returned home from teaching a three-week evangelism training in a neighboring province. 12 Mozambican men from eight different districts were chosen to be trained and then sent back to their homes with the authority to train the other churches and multiply the harvest. The students were trained for one on one and gospel truck evangelism.

The last week of the training they preached in over 40 different gospel truck outreaches and lead 1063 people to a decision for Christ!



2023 Evangelism School Students

Amongst all the salvations and miracles, one testimony from one of the student evangelists, Domingo, stands out above the rest. Domingo testified that just a year earlier he had been an abusive drunk. He testified of not just beating his wife, but his female neighbor as well.

His wife a believer attended church and would pray for him. She told him one day that as she slept, she had a dream where she saw him standing in front of a multitude preaching. Domingo thought the dream was silly and that it would never happen, but the Lord was working on his heart.

He finally started going to church, received the Lord, and was set free from his addiction to alcohol!

Through the evangelism training, his wife’s prophetic dream of him preaching was fulfilled.

Domingo then testified that on the last day of outreach we were in his neighborhood, and he was called on to preach the gospel to the very people who knew him as a drunk. Many responded to the gospel.

When he was finished, he approached three older men to the side and ended up personally leading them to the Lord. He explained that these three men were friends that used to drink with him and sell him alcohol. When he had no money, he would beg alcohol off them.

Now, set free from his addiction, in love with Jesus, and equipped to share the gospel, he had the privilege to lead his old drinking buddies to our precious Savior!

Domingos' Neighborhood hearing the Gospel.

I am constantly taken back by the thought of how immeasurable the work of God is. 

Yes, for a week of outreach, we may be able to show a certain number of decisions for Christ. 

Then I think, what could the possible number of souls impacted for Christ be through the lives of even 12 young men in the bush towns of Mozambique who are truly equipped to preach the gospel?

It is truly immeasurable!

Amazed at His Ways

Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.  Isaiah 25:1

This verse beautifully communicates how my heart feels these days. I’m in great awe of God and how He authors each one of our stories. Through it all He proves to be so faithful.  I’m excited to bring you some of the good news and testimonies about what God has been doing since our return to Mozambique in January.

First, we have been seeing such an increase of hunger within the young people right around our home.  Twice a week young people from all over our town, even from other churches, come to worship and dig in deep to the Word. Tawnya has led this group so well and continues to see it grow every week.  She is seeing young people truly turn to righteousness and cultivate a deep desire for God. Just last week another newcomer surrendered his life to Jesus!  

In March I conducted our first evangelism training school. For two weeks, 14 Mozambicans were trained in the gospel and how to preach. Then we hit the streets for a full week of preaching! We split into three teams and preached throughout multiple villages seeing salvation’s and healings everywhere we went! As a result we saw over 1440 Individuals make decisions to follow Jesus. Each new believer was also sent with discipleship material and followed up with by a local church. The greatest testimony for me throughout the school was in seeing the Mozambicans raised up to do the work.  They truly became preachers of the gospel! Thousands more will hear the gospel because of what was established in their hearts.

Now the season has shifted as I have partnered together with Christ for all Nations to help set up a large gospel crusade in the city of Beira. This is no small task! Preparation started in February, and we are now in full time efforts to organize every aspect of this crusade. We are hoping to see between 100,000 and 200,000 people attend, thousands to be saved, and the region around the city to be transformed by the kingdom of God.  The dates for the crusade will be September 15-18.  Please be in prayer with us for this great event that it would far exceed our expectancies and even what we can plan in the natural! God will receive the glory!

Lincoln, Haley, and Ahava continue to thrive. They are so amazing and every day we are taken  back by the gift that they are.  They are great kids and have amazing hearts. They are missionaries also to the glory of God.  

We are asking that all of you partner with us in intercession for the continuance of what God is doing here. Please be praying for transformed lives through the crusade that’s coming.  And please continue to lift us up in the strength of the Lord that Tawnya and I and our family would continue to fulfill the calling that He has placed on us and that thousands upon thousands would be impacted for all of eternity!

A Whole Village Was Saved

We had an amazing experience while we were on village out reach today. Village out reach consists of driving out in the rural communities and looking for a location to minister that has enough people to minister to or that you feel God has led you to.

At one of the locations we stopped at today it seemed to be more of a God prompting because there really wasn’t too many people around. We asked permission to minister in the neighborhood. The leader of the area granted our permission and to our surprise sent out a town crier! I didn’t even know town criers still existed. With the help of the town crier, we were soon up and running with over 100 people dancing and attentive to hear the word.

When the message of the gospel was proclaimed, literally, the entire village surrendered their lives to Jesus! Hallelujah! The word of God brought life and produced faith.  With the expectancy and faith that was birthed by the word, we then prayed for the sick. Immediately, as people tested their bodies after the prayer of faith, we could all see that many had been healed.

As we began to take testimonies, what captivated my attention was that person after person gave testimony of being set free from pain and sickness that had been in the body for years. Pain in backs, and legs, and entire body pains that had remained for five years, 10 years, 20 years, were dismantled and cast out in the matter of moments in the power of the name of Jesus. I believe that the work that the Lord accomplished in this small village in one hour will have eternal significance for each that came and received!

When You Persevere

Today was another day of ministry on small market corners and in small village settings. We just continued to drive down village roads trying to find an adequate place to set up the speaker for an out reach. The area we were in did not seem too busy, but we found a small soccer field with some boys playing.

We tried to go from house to house in the area to create some excitement and invite people to our program. But there was hardly anyone around! When we returned to the field to begin to preach there was only three boys sitting to hear the gospel. We were just going to give a short gospel and leave to find a better place.  It was my turn to do the salvation message.

As I began to speak, what I thought would be an abbreviated gospel message, I saw multiple people coming down the road. Before I knew it there was over 40 people sitting to listen to the gospel.  Glory to God, nearly everyone that came made a decision to follow Jesus Christ!

We were not even going to do a healing time because when we started there was just a couple boys. But since so many people had arrived I went straight into praying for the sick after the salvation time. There were multiple people that receive healing!

One young lady testified that she had injured her back many weeks before and God healed her and all the pain was gone! I learned that sometimes there is places that we desire to look over quickly, but that might be the very place that God puts us to change the eternity of those that he loves.

Lacici Is Healed From 35 Years of Pain

Today we ministered from the large gospel truck in some of the small villages on the outskirts of the main city. Our second location happen to be in a schoolyard along the main highway. The headmaster gave permission for the kids to come out and listen to the gospel. Our main audience was children, but there were many other adults standing in the back and in their shops across the street. Nearly everyone receive salvation!

God blessed so many during the healing time. One healing really grabbed my heart.  A man by the name of Lacici came to talk to me as I was getting in the van to leave. At first I just assumed that he was crazy or drunk.  He was excitedly shaking his legs and smiling, but I had no idea what he was saying.

I finally found out that he had been healed but did not come to the stage to give testimony publicly. Eventually through an interpreter I heard his testimony.

Lacici was just walking by our outreach when he heard us praying for the sick. He stopped and receive prayer and the power of God went through him. He had been in an accident in 1986, and because of this accident suffered pain in his hip and down his leg for 35 years. This injury had limited his motion. But as he explained his healing to me he was shaking his legs, squatting down, and jumping up and down. Jesus had set him free from 35 years of pain and limited mobility!

All glory to God!

Alamu’s Eye Healed

I want to praise Jesus for what happened to my friend Alamu today!  He is an old frail man.

I met Alamu during the healing time in the market during our outreach. The time of preaching the gospel had finished and Alamu had given his heart to Jesus. As the altar call ended, Alam ustayed near the truck. He was just stumbling around aimlessly.

One of my team members began to minister for the time of healing and I was responsible to run the camera. My heart was moved with compassion for Alamu as I watched him worship and cry out for his healing. His hands were raised high and tears were coming down his cheeks. I had a phone in one hand to film, but with my free hand, I grabbed his hand and pulled him close to me. I just held him and prayed for him while I did my best to film.

Alamu had one eye that was completely white. I knew he needed healing in his eyes. I held him for a long time. Even through the time of prayer. Other people began to be healed and were being brought up for testimonies.

Alamu finally let go of me opened his eyes and stepped back. He blinked heavily, looked around, and then begin shouting and pumping his hands in the air! In his broken English I could hear him saying, “I can see clearly! I can see clearly!”  He was so excited he began to jump. He caught eyes with me and he jumped for me. He was so excited he grabbed me around my chest and hooked both feet around my legs and cried in joy!  When he lost grip and made it back down to the ground, he jumped on me again with both arms and both legs!

My heart was undone! He had been almost completely blind in his one eye that was not white, and completely blind in his other. The eye that was white remained white and blind. But the other was restored completely!  The love that was shown this man from the Lord was enough for him to be transformed forever!

Healed of Leg Wound

What a joy to see hundreds of souls coming to Jesus every day! God is so faithful, and the gospel does not fail. Today the joy of the Lord was on display as we danced with ministered to many people on the outskirts of the city.

In a small rural market, I preached the gospel message.  59 people surrendered their lives to Jesus!  After the gospel message, the prayer for the sick was released. At first there was little response from the people indicating that anyone had been healed.  There was no one coming up to give testimony.  It was then that evangelist Lucas Roselli stepped down off of the truck and laid hands on a woman that had a wound on her leg for over two years. She walked with a cane and great difficulty. As he prayed and walked with her the power of God came upon her and healed her!  She put her cane inside and began to walk, and then she ran, and then she jumped in the presence of all the people!  This miracle birthed faith and excitement with the crowd and a second call of salvation given and more people came into the kingdom of God.

All praise to Jesus!    

The Gospel Just Works

The gospel just works! No matter where we go the word of the gospel transforms hearts. And the power of the blood of Jesus heals the sick and the brokenhearted.

My team and I ministered off of the large gospel truck today. It was difficult to find areas that were suitable for the size of truck and crowd. We had to resort to just parking in the street where we preached to the people in the street and on the other side of the street. Cars and motorbikes were constantly driving right through our altar area!

Through all the noise, distractions, and movement the message was proclaimed in power. Over 100 people committed their lives to Jesus Christ! I didn’t prayed for the sick. Again amid the chaos, the power of God was not stopped! Nearly all the people that raise their hands to receive healing indicated with waving hands after we prayed that Jesus had healed them!

One of the things that impacted me the most was during the time of testimony. We were celebrating with those that had been healed and as I was interviewing them in front of the crowd people were dragging up those that were manifesting demons.  They were taken to the side and minister to. One was a young lady walking home from school. She was Muslim. By the grace and power of God she was set free and receive Jesus as her Savior!  Oh, how good is our God!


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