We had an amazing experience while we were on village out reach today. Village out reach consists of driving out in the rural communities and looking for a location to minister that has enough people to minister to or that you feel God has led you to.

At one of the locations we stopped at today it seemed to be more of a God prompting because there really wasn’t too many people around. We asked permission to minister in the neighborhood. The leader of the area granted our permission and to our surprise sent out a town crier! I didn’t even know town criers still existed. With the help of the town crier, we were soon up and running with over 100 people dancing and attentive to hear the word.

When the message of the gospel was proclaimed, literally, the entire village surrendered their lives to Jesus! Hallelujah! The word of God brought life and produced faith.  With the expectancy and faith that was birthed by the word, we then prayed for the sick. Immediately, as people tested their bodies after the prayer of faith, we could all see that many had been healed.

As we began to take testimonies, what captivated my attention was that person after person gave testimony of being set free from pain and sickness that had been in the body for years. Pain in backs, and legs, and entire body pains that had remained for five years, 10 years, 20 years, were dismantled and cast out in the matter of moments in the power of the name of Jesus. I believe that the work that the Lord accomplished in this small village in one hour will have eternal significance for each that came and received!