Today was another day of ministry on small market corners and in small village settings. We just continued to drive down village roads trying to find an adequate place to set up the speaker for an out reach. The area we were in did not seem too busy, but we found a small soccer field with some boys playing.

We tried to go from house to house in the area to create some excitement and invite people to our program. But there was hardly anyone around! When we returned to the field to begin to preach there was only three boys sitting to hear the gospel. We were just going to give a short gospel and leave to find a better place.  It was my turn to do the salvation message.

As I began to speak, what I thought would be an abbreviated gospel message, I saw multiple people coming down the road. Before I knew it there was over 40 people sitting to listen to the gospel.  Glory to God, nearly everyone that came made a decision to follow Jesus Christ!

We were not even going to do a healing time because when we started there was just a couple boys. But since so many people had arrived I went straight into praying for the sick after the salvation time. There were multiple people that receive healing!

One young lady testified that she had injured her back many weeks before and God healed her and all the pain was gone! I learned that sometimes there is places that we desire to look over quickly, but that might be the very place that God puts us to change the eternity of those that he loves.