Several years ago Ancha awoke in the night to her husband standing over her with a machete. Her husband had gone to a local witch doctor for “guidance”. The witch doctor prescribed that he must murder his wife in order for him to gain the desires that he was looking for. As Ancha awoke to him standing above her with the machete she lifted her arm in self defense and it was severed off. Ancha has since lived with her young child alone and has managed to find various ways to sustain her family as a single mother living in Africa this can be quite hard. Thankfully Ancha has a brilliant mind and determination.

Recently I taught an inner healing and deliverance seminar in which Ancha attended. In Isaiah 61 we are shown that Christ came to preach good tidings to the poor, heal the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives, open prisons doors for those who are bound and proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord. Christ spoke of the fulfillment of this in Luke 4. We are to do the same through the power of Christs’ crucifixion on the cross. This was a 2 day intensive, each day having teachings from 9 am to 5 pm. Attendees where given biblical truths about the battle against powers and principalities, how the enemy can influence our spirit, souls, and body, and our authority as redeemed sons and daughters. Freedom comes to bound people by the power of the blood of Jesus. The bible says that truth sets us free, in order for this to happen we have to know the truth. We are called to tear down every strong hold and take captive every lofty thought. Many believers walk in bondage to strongholds caused by life’s experiences and deceptions, but in Isaiah 53 it says that the chastisement of our peace was upon Him and by His stripes we are healed. Healed both physically and mentally, externally and internally. Thank You Jesus!

At the end of first day of the seminar Ancha boldly spoke about her encounter with her husband and how it has affected her in the years since. She shared about how she is in a constant state of fear, not only for her self but for the life of her child. She shared how her fears are many times irrational and gripping. as a normal routine, she will enter into her home at night and lock her door, search under and behind everything making sure no one is there. At night she will hardly sleep because she is afraid to close her eyes, she will search the house several times even after she has already locked the door. Keep in mind the homes that people live in are very small, typically 4×3 meters so it is very difficult for someone to hide or enter unnoticed. When she awakes in the morning she searches again. She was crippled by fear. This fear caused her to have nightmares, and trust issues. Ancha began to see that this fear was something that was keeping her bound giving her and anxious mind and she didn’t want that anymore.

As her and I entered into a time of one on one ministry, she began to open up even more about how fear keeps her from being honest, for many years she has been walking bound under a lying spirit because she was afraid that she would not be accepted or she would be ridiculed so she said what she thought people wanted to hear and her lying became a normal part of her every day speech. She lied more than she spoke the truth. Many times after she would wonder why she had to lie about even the smallest thing. She couldn’t help it, it just came natural to her.

We were able to bring truth from the word of God to Ancha’s situation. Ancha repented and asked forgiveness for lying. We prayed for her to be set free from a spirit of fear and a lying spirit.

That night she went home, she was so bold and desired so greatly to be loosed from the bondage she was trapped in that she confessed to those whom she regularly lied to that she had been lying to them.

The next day at the seminar, before I could even address the class she wanted to come up and give a testimony.

Ancha spoke about how she had confessed to her mother about her lying and her mom confessed the same to Ancha, they had both been lying and were able to ask one another for forgiveness. When Ancha went to bed that night she locked the door and sat on her bed while her child was playing in the same room. The next thing Anch woke up to was the sound of the morning bustle coming from out side!

She had fallen asleep and woke to a blanket dropped over her, she didn’t check under or behind anything, she didn’t wake at all throughout the night, she had no nightmares. Her child tucked her in unknowingly.

Ancha slept through the night and awoke completely SET FREE.

Isn’t God amazing!! His desire is that we would be whole and healed. In fact He died on the cross for it and it is ours for the taking.

If this testimony has touched you or you have questions on how you can walk in your God given freedom paid for on the cross please contact us, we want to hear from you.