Over 1400 decisions for Christ in just 2 weeks!!

Our School of Evangelism graduates are well equipped and ready to preach!!

Fourteen students from 7 different districts came for a 3-week evangelism training school.  To say it was epic is an understatement.  

“Every student left transformed.  
Through what they have learned, entire provinces will be transformed “

The first week of school focused on laying a foundation of excellency, training the students to be well prepared, on time, put together, and spiritually strengthened.  During the first week of school, the students were taught salvation, this may seem weird for seasoned believers but this is a much-needed lesson here in Mozambique as most Christians think they are saved because they go to church.  

Through the teaching of the gospel, the students began to see that salvation comes solely through Jesus and Him crucified.  They were taught how to share the gospel in a simple way that tells why Jesus died for us.  We teach a basic 3 point way of sharing salvation and the students nailed it!!  After the foundations were laid, they were taught about healing and deliverance.  All an essential part of the grand gospel and what was paid for on the cross through Jesus’ death.

The second week of school was packed full of storytelling lessons, how to share the complete gospel without leaving holes, and how to provide an opportunity for people to ask for salvation, healing, testimonies, sound equipment, using a generator.  They were taught how to engage the crowd, navigate transitions and speak a clear, bold gospel message.

 Each student spent hours memorizing their stories, bible verses, healing and salvation prayers.  They worked on voice projections and animation while speaking.  All of this was new to them but incredibly necessary for good gospel truck outreach. 

   What a week!!  Teaching the students how to run a gospel campaign from start to finish is essential for them to learn so it can be replicated in their districts.

After class the students went door to door, evangelizing the local community, and sharing the gospel as they had learned.  Daily dozens were coming into the kingdom, people were getting healed and the students were building testimonies of their hard work and the power of the simple Gospel.

The third week of school was dedicated to gospel truck campaigns.  We loaded 3 trucks with sound equipment, follow-up discipleship materials for new believers, and divided the students into teams.  We Hit the streets, markets, and neighborhoods.  Eric, me, and a missionary Peter drove the trucks and oversaw the team but the entire campaign was Mozambican-led.

We did dozens of outreaches over the course of 5 days.  This isn’t an easy task, it is not like America where we can freely set up a stage and speak as we wish.  In Mozambique, we have to get permission from the top government down to set up in any location and teach.  Praise GOD we had favor and the gospel was preached.

After people receive the Gospel and they choose to make a decision for Christ, our team goes and hands out a form that new believers fill in, this form has their contact information on it, we count the forms and then leave them with the local pastor in the area to do follow up with them and invite them into a local church. Each new believer is also given a book that teaches the foundations of faith.  

Our goal is not to just see hands raised but also to help new believers receive discipleship and get involved with their local churches. 

Praise Jesus!!  We are excited for our students to return back to their districts and train up more evangelists!  

April 2022- Evangelism School Graduates

New Year, New Vision

Can you believe that we have been on the mission field for 8 years already! It is amazing to see where the Lord has brought us and the vision that He continues to place in our hearts for the advancement of His kingdom.

In the early weeks of 2021 during a time of fasting the Lord began to birth a new venture in our family. Through an encounter with Holy Spirit, Eric was led to join CfaN for a 4 month training school for large scale crusade evangelism. This was not a new desire placed in his heart, but one that he had carried since he was a young boy, spending hours watching evangelists like Reinhard Bonnke and Benny Hinn on TV.

Eric’s time with CfaN has given us the much needed first steps to making some of our ministry dreams a reality. After years in Mozambique teaching and training local leaders within Iris Globals’ churches, God has expanded our vision to reach beyond. Not just the churches, but also to other nations. God is asking for us to GO and PREACH to ALL. So that everyone will hear the good news and encounter the transformative power of the gospel.

He is not asking us to go in the sense of moving from where we are, but He is expanding our territory, and expanding our ministry. He has shown us over the years that His hand is on the faithful and steady. We will continue to serve where we are, leading Iris Globals’ Central Mozambique missions base until He says otherwise.

Our life is a simple yes in the hands of a savior. Where he calls, where He asks, where leads us is a “YES”.

We will have many updates in the months to come of where, and what the Lord is leading us into. We are excited to be used by Him in such a time as this. We believe that we are about to see a releasing of His Holy Spirit like never before and we are believing that we will be an active part in a harvest of souls like never seen before.

With an expansion of vision comes natural growth, we have seen our ministry Weaver Family Missions, go from a name that people know to a ministry that people have faithfully followed, sown into and upheld through prayer, finances and love. The Lord has graciously led us into a new season that has grown beyond what we could have imagined. To help sustain where we are being led Weaver Family Missions is excited to announce that we have officially become a Non Profit Organization with the state of Oregon. We are waiting for final documents providing 501(c)3 Status.

If you are a monthly supporter through Refuge City Church, please continue giving as normal through one of their giving platforms. If you do not give monthly but would like more information on how you can be a monthly partner please respond to this e-mail letting us know and we can give information on how to do that.

“Weaver Family Missions is becoming As You Go Global Ministries”

And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. Matthew 10: 7-8

You will see the name changes on your Facebook feed and email updates, so please don’t delete us!

We are excited to ring in the New Year, with a New Name, and Fresh Vision. Keep up to date with us through social media and e-mails! There is so much more to come!!

We cannot express how much you have helped us grow into As You Go Global Ministries.

Because of your continual support and partnership we are expanding.

Thank you for being a part of our ministry.

How Jesus Set a Captive Free

Several years ago Ancha awoke in the night to her husband standing over her with a machete. Her husband had gone to a local witch doctor for “guidance”. The witch doctor prescribed that he must murder his wife in order for him to gain the desires that he was looking for. As Ancha awoke to him standing above her with the machete she lifted her arm in self defense and it was severed off. Ancha has since lived with her young child alone and has managed to find various ways to sustain her family as a single mother living in Africa this can be quite hard. Thankfully Ancha has a brilliant mind and determination.

Recently I taught an inner healing and deliverance seminar in which Ancha attended. In Isaiah 61 we are shown that Christ came to preach good tidings to the poor, heal the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives, open prisons doors for those who are bound and proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord. Christ spoke of the fulfillment of this in Luke 4. We are to do the same through the power of Christs’ crucifixion on the cross. This was a 2 day intensive, each day having teachings from 9 am to 5 pm. Attendees where given biblical truths about the battle against powers and principalities, how the enemy can influence our spirit, souls, and body, and our authority as redeemed sons and daughters. Freedom comes to bound people by the power of the blood of Jesus. The bible says that truth sets us free, in order for this to happen we have to know the truth. We are called to tear down every strong hold and take captive every lofty thought. Many believers walk in bondage to strongholds caused by life’s experiences and deceptions, but in Isaiah 53 it says that the chastisement of our peace was upon Him and by His stripes we are healed. Healed both physically and mentally, externally and internally. Thank You Jesus!

At the end of first day of the seminar Ancha boldly spoke about her encounter with her husband and how it has affected her in the years since. She shared about how she is in a constant state of fear, not only for her self but for the life of her child. She shared how her fears are many times irrational and gripping. as a normal routine, she will enter into her home at night and lock her door, search under and behind everything making sure no one is there. At night she will hardly sleep because she is afraid to close her eyes, she will search the house several times even after she has already locked the door. Keep in mind the homes that people live in are very small, typically 4×3 meters so it is very difficult for someone to hide or enter unnoticed. When she awakes in the morning she searches again. She was crippled by fear. This fear caused her to have nightmares, and trust issues. Ancha began to see that this fear was something that was keeping her bound giving her and anxious mind and she didn’t want that anymore.

As her and I entered into a time of one on one ministry, she began to open up even more about how fear keeps her from being honest, for many years she has been walking bound under a lying spirit because she was afraid that she would not be accepted or she would be ridiculed so she said what she thought people wanted to hear and her lying became a normal part of her every day speech. She lied more than she spoke the truth. Many times after she would wonder why she had to lie about even the smallest thing. She couldn’t help it, it just came natural to her.

We were able to bring truth from the word of God to Ancha’s situation. Ancha repented and asked forgiveness for lying. We prayed for her to be set free from a spirit of fear and a lying spirit.

That night she went home, she was so bold and desired so greatly to be loosed from the bondage she was trapped in that she confessed to those whom she regularly lied to that she had been lying to them.

The next day at the seminar, before I could even address the class she wanted to come up and give a testimony.

Ancha spoke about how she had confessed to her mother about her lying and her mom confessed the same to Ancha, they had both been lying and were able to ask one another for forgiveness. When Ancha went to bed that night she locked the door and sat on her bed while her child was playing in the same room. The next thing Anch woke up to was the sound of the morning bustle coming from out side!

She had fallen asleep and woke to a blanket dropped over her, she didn’t check under or behind anything, she didn’t wake at all throughout the night, she had no nightmares. Her child tucked her in unknowingly.

Ancha slept through the night and awoke completely SET FREE.

Isn’t God amazing!! His desire is that we would be whole and healed. In fact He died on the cross for it and it is ours for the taking.

If this testimony has touched you or you have questions on how you can walk in your God given freedom paid for on the cross please contact us, we want to hear from you.

We are headed to America!

Most of you know that we head to the USA every 2 years. Well that time has arrived again and we are in the beginning stages of our travel plans! This trip back to the States will look WAY different than any of our other past trips- not only because we are traveling internationally during a global pandemic and there are restrictions everywhere- there are many no entry countries we would typically transit through, vaccine/mask mandates and mandatory COVID tests. We are not looking forward to all the hoops but none the less determined to get to the States for a short visit!

What else if different about this trip!??

Eric is Moving to Florida 

At the beginning of this year the Lord began to speak to Eric about taking big chances and going for it. After a time of team fasting at the beginning of the year and some vision from the Lord. He placed a few things in front of Eric that were a sure call to a small transition. The last time Eric had this feeling was when we were called into missions in 2013. When you feel this urge and you know its Holy Spirit you better listen and obey or you risk the chance of Him asking someone else.

CfaN Crusade

Since he was a little kid Eric has had a heart for crusade evangelism. We do this here on a small scale but not to the magnitude of some ministries. One ministry in particular that Eric has a deep respect for is CfaN-Christ for all Nations, founded by the late Reinhard Bonnke and now currently run by Daniel Kolenda.

Daniel Kolenda and the late Reinhard Bonnke

CfaN does what they call Bootcamp- It’s a 3 month intensive school to teach crusade evangelism from the weeks leading up to the crusade to the mobile truck stages and preaching. It is such an amazing opportunity to learn from a ministry that has had such a success bringing millions of souls into the harvest.

The school is quite difficult and time consuming and only about 50 people are accepted per school. Eric applied and through various applications, emails and interviews with the CfaN staff was accepted to participate in the fall school which runs from August 10-October 29. Then after the school he will do a 3 week initiation trip where the comes to Africa (I know- so funny) to put to work all he has learned.

The school takes place in Orlando Florida at CfaNs headquarters.

I know this raises many questions – What about us? What will me and the kids do?

We won’t be going with Eric. Due to the location of the school Eric actually has to find and rent an apartment and rent a car. We are hoping that he can find a room mate to help offset this cost.

We have been so blessed by donations that have already come in! All of Erics School Tuition and Initiation trip have been paid for and we are saving funds for rent/utilities/food/car and extra spending money. We are hoping to raise about $5,000 more for this. ​

Me and the Kids

The kids and I will be staying in Dondo for a couple months then we will travel back to Klamath Falls as normal. Our plan is to arrive back mid September. We will be in Klamath Falls and Eric will join us when he finishes his school late November.

We are beyond excited to see what this new addition will bring to our future here in Dondo. God is always so faithful to supply all our needs and even most of wants!

We can’t wait to be back in the States with our friends and family. We will be staying once again with Terry and Mardi Etters, and will be looking forward to hangout with you all soon!!

Much Love,


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