The gospel just works! No matter where we go the word of the gospel transforms hearts. And the power of the blood of Jesus heals the sick and the brokenhearted.

My team and I ministered off of the large gospel truck today. It was difficult to find areas that were suitable for the size of truck and crowd. We had to resort to just parking in the street where we preached to the people in the street and on the other side of the street. Cars and motorbikes were constantly driving right through our altar area!

Through all the noise, distractions, and movement the message was proclaimed in power. Over 100 people committed their lives to Jesus Christ! I didn’t prayed for the sick. Again amid the chaos, the power of God was not stopped! Nearly all the people that raise their hands to receive healing indicated with waving hands after we prayed that Jesus had healed them!

One of the things that impacted me the most was during the time of testimony. We were celebrating with those that had been healed and as I was interviewing them in front of the crowd people were dragging up those that were manifesting demons.  They were taken to the side and minister to. One was a young lady walking home from school. She was Muslim. By the grace and power of God she was set free and receive Jesus as her Savior!  Oh, how good is our God!