What a joy to see hundreds of souls coming to Jesus every day! God is so faithful, and the gospel does not fail. Today the joy of the Lord was on display as we danced with ministered to many people on the outskirts of the city.

In a small rural market, I preached the gospel message.  59 people surrendered their lives to Jesus!  After the gospel message, the prayer for the sick was released. At first there was little response from the people indicating that anyone had been healed.  There was no one coming up to give testimony.  It was then that evangelist Lucas Roselli stepped down off of the truck and laid hands on a woman that had a wound on her leg for over two years. She walked with a cane and great difficulty. As he prayed and walked with her the power of God came upon her and healed her!  She put her cane inside and began to walk, and then she ran, and then she jumped in the presence of all the people!  This miracle birthed faith and excitement with the crowd and a second call of salvation given and more people came into the kingdom of God.

All praise to Jesus!