I want to praise Jesus for what happened to my friend Alamu today!  He is an old frail man.

I met Alamu during the healing time in the market during our outreach. The time of preaching the gospel had finished and Alamu had given his heart to Jesus. As the altar call ended, Alam ustayed near the truck. He was just stumbling around aimlessly.

One of my team members began to minister for the time of healing and I was responsible to run the camera. My heart was moved with compassion for Alamu as I watched him worship and cry out for his healing. His hands were raised high and tears were coming down his cheeks. I had a phone in one hand to film, but with my free hand, I grabbed his hand and pulled him close to me. I just held him and prayed for him while I did my best to film.

Alamu had one eye that was completely white. I knew he needed healing in his eyes. I held him for a long time. Even through the time of prayer. Other people began to be healed and were being brought up for testimonies.

Alamu finally let go of me opened his eyes and stepped back. He blinked heavily, looked around, and then begin shouting and pumping his hands in the air! In his broken English I could hear him saying, “I can see clearly! I can see clearly!”  He was so excited he began to jump. He caught eyes with me and he jumped for me. He was so excited he grabbed me around my chest and hooked both feet around my legs and cried in joy!  When he lost grip and made it back down to the ground, he jumped on me again with both arms and both legs!

My heart was undone! He had been almost completely blind in his one eye that was not white, and completely blind in his other. The eye that was white remained white and blind. But the other was restored completely!  The love that was shown this man from the Lord was enough for him to be transformed forever!