We are headed to America!

Most of you know that we head to the USA every 2 years. Well that time has arrived again and we are in the beginning stages of our travel plans! This trip back to the States will look WAY different than any of our other past trips- not only because we are traveling internationally during a global pandemic and there are restrictions everywhere- there are many no entry countries we would typically transit through, vaccine/mask mandates and mandatory COVID tests. We are not looking forward to all the hoops but none the less determined to get to the States for a short visit!

What else if different about this trip!??

Eric is Moving to Florida 

At the beginning of this year the Lord began to speak to Eric about taking big chances and going for it. After a time of team fasting at the beginning of the year and some vision from the Lord. He placed a few things in front of Eric that were a sure call to a small transition. The last time Eric had this feeling was when we were called into missions in 2013. When you feel this urge and you know its Holy Spirit you better listen and obey or you risk the chance of Him asking someone else.

CfaN Crusade

Since he was a little kid Eric has had a heart for crusade evangelism. We do this here on a small scale but not to the magnitude of some ministries. One ministry in particular that Eric has a deep respect for is CfaN-Christ for all Nations, founded by the late Reinhard Bonnke and now currently run by Daniel Kolenda.

Daniel Kolenda and the late Reinhard Bonnke

CfaN does what they call Bootcamp- It’s a 3 month intensive school to teach crusade evangelism from the weeks leading up to the crusade to the mobile truck stages and preaching. It is such an amazing opportunity to learn from a ministry that has had such a success bringing millions of souls into the harvest.

The school is quite difficult and time consuming and only about 50 people are accepted per school. Eric applied and through various applications, emails and interviews with the CfaN staff was accepted to participate in the fall school which runs from August 10-October 29. Then after the school he will do a 3 week initiation trip where the comes to Africa (I know- so funny) to put to work all he has learned.

The school takes place in Orlando Florida at CfaNs headquarters.

I know this raises many questions – What about us? What will me and the kids do?

We won’t be going with Eric. Due to the location of the school Eric actually has to find and rent an apartment and rent a car. We are hoping that he can find a room mate to help offset this cost.

We have been so blessed by donations that have already come in! All of Erics School Tuition and Initiation trip have been paid for and we are saving funds for rent/utilities/food/car and extra spending money. We are hoping to raise about $5,000 more for this. ​

Me and the Kids

The kids and I will be staying in Dondo for a couple months then we will travel back to Klamath Falls as normal. Our plan is to arrive back mid September. We will be in Klamath Falls and Eric will join us when he finishes his school late November.

We are beyond excited to see what this new addition will bring to our future here in Dondo. God is always so faithful to supply all our needs and even most of wants!

We can’t wait to be back in the States with our friends and family. We will be staying once again with Terry and Mardi Etters, and will be looking forward to hangout with you all soon!!

Much Love,